• Bar area
  • Different types of food
  • Salmon, vegetables on the side
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About Us

From waitress to the owner, Natasha Hendrix has been greeting customers since Day 1.

Hendrix started as a server for original owners, Darryl and Annie McCreary in 2002. In 2009, the opportunity presented itself for Hendrix to own The Pub (as it is popularly called by locals) and jumped on it.

Hendrix hasn't changed much from the original plan for McCreary's. Service is still a priority, as is food quality. However, the additions of a weekend breakfast menu and most recently a liquor selection, are all facets of Hendrix's vision.

The Pub is very much still a family-oriented run establishment. Her sister, Ashley Farmer, is the general manager and her brother-in-law, Alex Farmer, is the kitchen manager. It is very much a collaborative effort for the family in every aspect from running the business to the creation of newly inspired dishes and cocktails.

“I didn't always want to own a restaurant,” Hendrix said. “It's this particular one, its location and the people who come here, that led me to buy it. There are no pretenses, just comfortable, casual fun.”