• Entrees

    • Dublin Style Fish & Chips

      2 fillets 9.95
      3 fillets 11.95

      An Irish traditional dish, deep fried flaky cod fish fillets. Served with Irish Chips and tartar sauce.

    • County Cork Shrimp Basket

      6 shrimp 9.25
      10 shrimp 13.25

      Jumbo shrimp battered and deep fried. Served with Irish Chips and cocktail sauce.

    • Corned Beef & Cabbage


      Slow cooked corned beef drizzled with a homemade brown sugar mustard glaze, served with a side of rustic mashed potatoes and boiled cabbage.

    • Irish Country Vegetarian Special


      A sautéed portabella mushroom on a bed of sautéed mixed vegetables, topped with Jasmine rice.

    • Sligo Whiskey Salmon


      8 oz. Scottish salmon fillet coated with our brown sugar whiskey glaze. Served with rustic mashed potatoes and sautéed mixed vegetables.

    • Bangers & Mash


      McCreary's twist on a traditional Irish peasant dish; three chicken spinach sausages stuffed with asiago cheese, served with rustic mashed potatoes, homemade Irish soda bread, spicy mustard. Served with our house salad.

    • Dublin Pot Pie


      Homemade creamy mixture of shredded chicken breast and vegetables (peas, carrots, potatoes and corn) baked with a flaky crust. It is served with a small house salad and our homemade Irish soda bread.

    • Shepherd's Pie


      A McCreary's original family recipe with seasoned ground beef in a mixture of tomato sauce, peas and corn. Topped with rustic mashed potatoes and melted cheddar cheese. Served with a small house salad and our homemade Irish soda bread.

    • Bunratty Chicken Basket

      2 strips 7.75
      3 strips 9.95
      --Buffalo style add .75

      Breaded chicken strips deep fried and served with Irish Chips and honey mustard dipping sauce.

      Try them Buffalo style!

    • Kids Menu

    • Kid's Menu

      Kid's Fish and Chips 6.25 | Grilled Cheese 4.75 | Corn Dog 4.75 | Chicken Bites 5.25

      All Served with Irish Chips or Fruit Cup

      12 and under only.