Welcome To McCreary’s Irish Pub and Eatery

Historic Downtown Franklin, Tn

Established in 2002, McCreary’s Irish Pub and Eatery is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Franklin, Tn.

McCreary’s offers a full menu of Irish and American fare for all ages. Our friendly staff is always ready to make sure your experience is the best. Our Guinness 2-pour Imperial Pints, Fish and Chips, Cheesecake, Live Celtic Music and special events make sure your experience at McCreary’s is one you will never forget!

Countdown To St. Patrick’s Day

The countdown is on to St. Patrick’s Day 2020. McCreary’s Irish Pub and Eatery has one of the best parties in the Nashville area, with live music, bagpipes, Guinness, Corned beef and cabbage and more!

But, start making plans now! No reservations, family style seating and the lines start out the door early that morning!


Join Us For A Beer!

McCreary’s Irish Pub and Eatery offers a wide variety of constantly changing bottled and canned beers, wine, and liquor. Also, one tap that rotates primarily local beers on a regular basis. One thing that doesn’t change is our original selection of drafts we have been serving since the day we opened.

We Serve All Drafts In Imperial Pints 

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Smithwick’s is an Irish red ale-style beer. It is the most consumed ale in Ireland. Smithwick’s brewery was founded in Kilkenny in 1710 by John Smithwick . It is now owned by Guinness.

Woodchuck Cider

Woodchuck Hard Cider is a brand of hard cider produced by the Vermont Hard Cider Company. In 2011 it was the top-selling hard cider in the United States. Perfect in a Snakebite (Woodchuck and Harp)


Guinness is a dark Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland, in 1759. It is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide. Our Staff has been trained to do “proper”  pours of each Imperial pint of Guinness.


Harp Lager is an Irish lager created in 1960 by Guinness in its Great Northern Brewery, Dundalk. It is a major lager brand throughout most of the North of Ireland.

Pairs well with our Fish and Chips.

Meet The Owner

From waitress to owner, Natasha Hendrix has been greeting customers since Day 1.

Hendrix started as a server for original owners, Darryl and Annie McCreary in 2002. In 2009, the opportunity presented itself for Hendrix to own The Pub (as it is popularly called by locals), and jumped on it.

Hendrix hasn’t changed much from the original plan for McCreary’s. Service is still a priority, as is food quality. However, the additions of a weekend breakfast menu and most recently a liquor selection, are all facets of Hendrix’s vision.

The Pub is very much still a family-oriented run establishment. Her sister, Ashley Farmer, is the general manager and her brother-in-law, Alex Farmer, is the kitchen manager. It is very much a collaborative effort for the family in every aspect from running the business to the creation of newly inspired dishes and cocktails.

“I didn’t always want to own a restaurant,” Hendrix said. “It’s this particular one, its location and the people who come here, that led me to buy it. There are no pretenses, just comfortable, casual fun.”